Hungry Heart: Wild Striker.

The story begins like many other sports anime. Former footballer Kёske Cano enters high school.

With some some talent, he still does not want to play football. There are two reasons - its nature and, increasingly, older brother. The fact that his brother plays in AC Milan, and it is - the future, the main hope and pride of Japan, so Kёske constantly compared with him and, of course, the comparison is not in favor of his younger brother. And so all the time.

But when they came to the high school, a girl to learn who he is, makes him train women football team through blackmail. Kёske during the workout itself begins to remember the soccer skills and drills with his brother when they were children. And over time, it starts to get involved in football, and comes into the school team, along with two other equally talented newcomers, foreigners who came to Japan to play soccer.
  26-05-2015, 13:41


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