Ikoku Meiro no Croisee The Animation.

Paris, the last quarter of the XIX century.

It has long died down war and revolution in the recent past were the barricades of the Commune. France of the Third Republic - still a world power, and its capital - the center of European culture. And here in the store signage in the famous shopping "Royal Gallery" appears its founder Oscar Claudel once noble blacksmith, now merchant and traveler. He brought Claude, his grandson and heir, curiosities from Japan, and among them - 13-year-old Yune, lovely creation in kimonos and geta sandals,. To the dismay of poor Claude soon it became clear that the girl - a hereditary saleswoman from Nagasaki and arrived at an internship in Paris, knowing only a few words in French!

Well, Monsieur Claude, it's time to be included in the interaction of cultures, to fix, so to speak, the friendship of the West and the East, the more that the Japanese just in fashion! Very soon Yune settle into a new home and began to benefit, not only to help with household chores, but also its exotic view of attracting visitors. But the young master gradually learned to appreciate the young assistant, who as it turned out, understands much more than he. As always, the problem is not in the difficulties of translation, the problem is usually in our head, the honesty with themselves and with each other!
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