Takumi-kun Series-4: Pure.

Unlike the three previous films in this series the emphasis is on the relationship Misu Arata and Shinёdzi Kanemitsu.

Since the first meeting, when entering Shinёdzi school Shido, and to this day, two years later, their relationship are still the same confusing. Misu Shinёdzi love with at first sight, but it seems that he is not suited to his chosen one. Especially because Misu always admired the legendary graduate of the same school Sagar Takahiro. Misu, in turn, confronts his attachment to Shinёdzi gradually develops into infatuation. Saki Hayama and Schizo do everything possible to help them get closer. But ... what lies in the future and Shinёdzi Misu? Will they be together? Understand whether that meant for each other, as well as Khayyam and Saki? Everything will become clear on the day of the Star Festival (Tanabata - holiday lovers).
  26-05-2015, 13:36


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