New Fist of the North Star.

Awesome post-apocalyptic world, memorable graphics, great music (played by Gackt), a fascinating story, a fierce and bloody battle, death, lust for power, love, hatred ... This is a small little list of what is rich in anime.

After the nuclear disaster the world has changed beyond recognition. Mostly now- this is the place where only the strong survive and the weak are joy and entertainment for bands traveling the "their" lands and possessions and terrorizing the common people. This story of a warrior Kenshiro who knows the ancient martial art transmitted from teacher to only one student. About his dream to make the world cleaner. Cleaner from "radiation rain," who settled in the hearts of men ... and its method is quite simple - you need to beat the crap force. Anime is very bloody, I warn. These ovy quite possible to look, if not watched TV series.
  26-05-2015, 13:34


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